Mehdi: Henna Tattoo

Mehndi or “Mehendi” is a ceremonial and body art form which originated in the ancient Indian subcontinent.

Muslims in Afghanistan also started to use it as an indication of coming of age.

In the Middle East and Africa, it is common for women to apply henna to their fingernails and toenails and to their hands; using a paste, created from the powdered dry leaves of the henna plant (Lawsonia inermis).

Henna has been used to adorn young women’s bodies as part of social and holiday celebrations since the late Bronze Age in the eastern Mediterranean. Henna was regarded as having “Barakah,” blessings, and was applied for luck as well as joy and beauty. It is a divine experience to adorn your body by henna.

There is always debate why henna is called tattoo. Personally, I do not think Henna has been legally termed as tattoo.

In old days in addition to ornaments on special occasions like wedding, henna was used for body decoration. With globalization, in late 90s, it got popularity in western countries when various celebrities (like Madonna) used henna decoration on their performances.

Since then, it is becoming fashion trend and people are using henna designs just for fun. Since both permanent tattoo and henna are applied in skin for decoration, now it is termed as henna tattoo. But, be assured, it has no relation with permanent tattoo and gets off your skin in few days to couple of weeks.

Abu dhabi Life

“What I like about living in abu dhabi?”  Well that was a common question, there are a lot of things to do whether you have a lot of cash to spend or not. There are various malls and hotels that offer a lot of options for dining, shopping and recreation. There is also no shortage of licensed hotel bars that offer alcoholic beverages.

Beaches and parks are easily accessible and are open to the public with minimal or no cost at all. There are various social and civic organizations of different interest in Abu Dhabi that one can join. There are also a lot of places of interest to visit like the Grand Mosque, Heritage Village, Ferrari World, Emirates Palace, Corniche Beach and Abu dhabi Dessert Safari. There are a variety of recreational and fitness classes being offered, and Abu Dhabi is also host to various concerts and sporting events. Some people used to think that this is a boring place, that ‘having a life’ out of work can be expensive, but  sorry you’re definitely missing something you just have to be resourceful; there are a lot of free magazines and websites which list upcoming events. Life can be so good in Abu Dhabi, just don’t limit yourselves. “push mo lang bes!”